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Topic 1

Transnational Border Security in Africa

The strength of a border is directly affected by various situations. Some states have poor markers defining their boundaries in remote regions; many states have understaffed and undertrained border patrol personnel. Furthermore, the corruption of state officials can cause many problems, as arms and drug dealers are often able to bribe their way across borders. Therefore, it is imperative that DISEC offer guidance and support to states suffering from crises related to such border-related problems. These issues can be addressed by considering several aspects, including the history of Africa’s borders and the problems that surfaced as a result, current border situations, and recently proposed and enacted solutions.

Topic 2

The Future of Space Security

The current view of space weaponry is similar to that of nuclear weapons during the 1940’s: their potential is unknown, and states hope to be the ones with constant access to the most innovative technology. To sufficiently address the topic of space weapons, this committee must establish a resolution that contains definitive answers regarding the production, regulation, implementation, and use of weapons in space.


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