Fundraiser for NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Fundraiser for NAACP Legal Defense Fund

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We as global citizens are living through a pivotal moment in history that will have vast implications for our shared future. The senseless and unjust death of George Floyd has sparked international demonstrations against the abuse of force by law enforcement and widespread racial injustice. The movement that we are seeing grow through the demonstrations is, at its core, a movement about fundamental human rights.

Each year, NHSMUN is proud to bring together delegates with profoundly diverse backgrounds, cultures, histories, and belief systems, representing thousands of communities around the globe. And we commit to continuing to educate students about the power of respect, equality, and diplomacy in the hopes of promoting a more peaceful world. But this moment also calls on each of us to take tangible and immediate action to defend human rights. Therefore, we are proud to sponsor a fundraiser to support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Our staff chose this organization because their work is more important than ever as movements that start as demonstrations inevitably move into the courts. Above all, their work provides hope for achieving justice and equality through the legal system. We call on all members of the Model UN community, including teachers, students, conference organizers, and alumni, to join us in supporting this important cause.

While we will never be able to reverse or make sense of the injustices that have taken place in Minnesota or in other cities around the world, what we can do is ensure that the momentum that has been built following George Floyd’s death continues. There is tremendous power in collective action, and this in turn will determine not only the shape of the society in which we live, but whether it is one in which we are proud to live.

Please click below to make a donation. NHSMUN is actively working to collect as many donations as possible, including donor matches. 100of donations and matches will be given to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Once the donation window has closed, we will issue a statement with the total of all contributions and, for transparency, the corresponding receipt and acknowledgement from the NAACP LDF. We are excited about making a difference and thank you so much for your support.

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