MUN Scholarship 2019-2020: Video Contest

MUN Scholarship 2019-2020: Video Contest

Below is an exciting scholarship opportunity open to all secondary (high school) MUN students! Each school or team is eligible to submit a video in response to one of the two prompts below. Each winning team will receive a $1000 scholarship toward NHSMUN 2020 or another high school MUN conference held during the 2019-2020 academic year. Submissions are due by November 1st to All schools and teams are eligible to submit one total video for evaluation. Winning teams must be registered for a high school MUN conference during the 2019-2020 academic year and must agree to the posting of their winning video online.

Judging criteria will include quality, content, and creativity. Make your video as unique as possible!

Prompt A:

According to the UNHCR, “the number of people who are forcibly displaced globally is indeed at an all-time high since the end of World War Two.” Refugees are seeking safety from violence, persecution, and crime from troubled areas all over the world, sending them on long journeys to seek asylum in nearly every country on Earth. Providing for the world’s refugees has become a more global issue than ever before. For this video, students should explore what their local communities are doing to support refugees at home or abroad. Coverage can include efforts from local government, nonprofit organizations, concerned citizen groups, and more. Videos should be 2-4 minutes in length.

Prompt B:

In the ever-increasingly international world we live in, global issues are at the forefront of our daily existence. On its web page, the United Nations states that it strives to address these issues “by working to prevent conflict; helping parties in conflict make peace; and creating the conditions to allow peace to hold and flourish.” With that said, what role does Model UN play in today’s world? Does it position students to become tomorrow’s leaders? Which types of skills does MUN teach, and what value do those skills represent in today’s world? What value does MUN as an activity represent? Videos should be 2-4 minutes in length.

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