CRISIS: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

CRISIS: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Committee Overview:

NHSMUN’s philosophy on crisis-oriented committees is that all crisis elements should contribute to a student’s understanding of the body being simulated. Therefore, we strive to simulate only UN bodies, governments, and other important international organizations. In these committees, delegates are challenged not only to have a strong understanding of the topic at hand and their assigned role in it, but also to be creative and flexible as confounding problems arise. By having delegates think critically about how their body would react to different crises, delegates strengthen their appreciation for the decision making that takes place within these bodies. This committee will simulate the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a long-standing collective security organization that now includes most of Europe. NATO members also meet to discuss external threats to the group and closely examine the world’s most dangerous security situations.

Topic: Relations Between Iran and the West – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO is the world’s leading military alliance that combines the efforts of 30 countries for peace and security. The most current threat to that peace and stability lies in the Middle East. The focus of this summit will be a unified solution to the Iranian threat. Iran is a complex country that in the last few decades has attempted to expand its influence while establishing its economy. On July 14, 2015 the countries of NATO established a peace agreement with Iran called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, more commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal in order to reduce its nuclear activities in return for reduced sanctions from the US, European Union, and the UN Security Council. In recent months though, escalation from both sides have created a tense climate on a hair trigger for war. This committee will be composed of the leaders of NATO countries to find a solution to this crisis before the situation escalates further.

Committee Details