Exclusive Partnerships for the NHSMUN Conference

The NHSMUN conference does not have any exclusive partnerships with any entities, organizations, or individuals in any country or location around the world. On the contrary, all schools and groups are welcome to register and participate in the NHSMUN conference, without restriction or prerequisite. NHSMUN does not restrict the attendance of schools or groups in any capacity. Any claims to the contrary by any entity, organization, or individual are false and should be reported to the NHSMUN registration team at registration.nhsmun@imuna.org.


Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below in order to learn more information about NHSMUN’s registration policies.


I have received a communication from an entity, organization, or individual stating that I am only permitted to register through them. Is this true? These communication(s) are absolutely false. Any claims by any entity, organization, or individual stating that there are any sort of restrictions pertaining to NHSMUN’s registration are completely untrue and should be immediately disregarded and reported to registration.nhsmun@imuna.org. NHSMUN welcomes the registration from any school or group with students interested in participating in the conference.


Why does NHSMUN not have any exclusive partnerships or registration arrangements? NHSMUN believes in sharing Model United Nations with as many students as possible around the world. NHSMUN does not participate in any arrangements that would preclude or impose restrictions on the ability of students, schools, or groups to participate.


Other Model UN conferences have exclusive partnerships and require schools from a specific state or region to register with a sole source or sole provider. Why does NHSMUN not do this? In most of these cases, exclusive partnerships or sole source arrangements create conditions in which students, families, or schools are forced to pay higher prices. This runs in contrast to NHSMUN’s mission, which is to make Model United Nations as accessible to as many students as possible across the globe, without restriction or special requirement. NHSMUN will always strive to make Model UN available and accessible to the widest and most diverse possible group of stakeholders.


Are there specific misleading communications about sole source or exclusivity of which I should be aware? NHSMUN is aware of several communications, advertisements, or marketing materials falsely claiming exclusivity or sole sourcing arrangements. To date, NHSMUN is aware of false claims from entities in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Please be advised that any and all communications to this effect are patently false. Even though registration for NHSMUN 2023 has not yet begun, this policy will not change at any point during the 2022-2023 academic year, or at any point in the future. Once again, any and all claims or suggestions by ANY entity, group, or individual about exclusivity, sole sourcing, or otherwise restricted, preferred, or special registration or participation privileges should immediately be disregarded and reported to the NHSMUN registration team.


Should you have any questions, please contact registration.nhsmun@imuna.org. Thank you for your understanding.