Summer Staff Training Meeting

Summer Staff Training Meeting

Each summer, we hold a special week-long Staff Training Meeting in New York City to prepare our staff to lead the best conference in the world! Through a series of workshops and seminars, we construct intensive training sessions that allow for our substantive and administrative directors to provide our students and teachers with the top-quality experience they have come to expect. At this meeting, our executive staff also coordinates with our vendors, venues, and other partners to guarantee a seamless logistical experience for all those in attendance in March.

Our training programs vary from those of other conferences, many of which an elaborate in-person training meeting to supplement the year-long preparation process. Additionally, our staff gets the opportunity to meet with key professionals involved in the international relations field to further expand their knowledge on the global issues they’ll be presenting to the delegates. Professors from various universities, accompanied by experts from organizations like UNICEF, conducted seminars on issues ranging from international war crimes to child trafficking to American foreign policy, all of which are critical aspects of various committee topics. These types of sessions help build a sense of context for our committee leaders, allowing them to relate these conversations with confidence and accuracy to our delegates during committee sessions. There’s no better way to train our staff in effective engagement techniques than bringing some of the world’s best educators to the scene!

Our administrative staff had the opportunity to meet with various UN Permanent Missions in anticipation of the sessions they will schedule for students during the conference. Mission Briefings are some of the most valuable parts of the NHSMUN experience, and our goal is to provide this experience to as many students as we possibly can!

Each and every component of our Summer Staff Training Meeting helps make NHSMUN the premier Model UN conference on the international circuit. Our staff is counting down the days until they get to welcome the delegates to the conference!

Training Session

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