2022 Topics and Committees

The NHSMUN 2022 topic slate is out! NHSMUN 2022 will host a diverse range of engaging committees and a collection of never-before-simulated committees that will simultaneously immerse students in the world of international relations and push them to interact creatively with global issues. In addition to staple NHSMUN committees such as the Security Council and UNICEF, our new slate of committees will provide an engaging experience for students from all backgrounds and skill levels.


Our new committee simulations are sure to engage students in international relations in novel ways. This year, we are simulating the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean for the first time. The region has been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, so delegates must grapple with a difficult road towards economic recovery in the region’s most important economic sector—tourism—all while considering the collateral effects of COVID-19. In the past year, human rights violations and government accountability have been major themes that have commanded global attention. As such, another new committee, the Commission for Social Development, will offer an opportunity for delegates to discuss the internment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, China. A difficult topic to broach, delegates may confront the many real life challenges that present to the international community when addressing humanitarian issues.


Among our specialized agencies, NHSMUN will feature a suite of crisis committees. In the Arctic Council, delegates will learn to balance mounting concerns of climate change, existential threats to wildlife, and the endangerment of indigenous cultures with the pressures of corporate exploitation in Arctic regions. In INTERPOL, delegates will confront the ‘Ndrangheta, the world’s largest crime syndicate with annual revenues that dwarf those of dozens of countries. In the Catalan Regional Parliament, delegates will be tasked with charting the future of Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain that has brought the country to the brink of a secession crisis on many occasions. In CELAC, delegates will be charged with tackling increasing cartel violence in the region amid a myriad of other regional challenges, from migrant crises to economic emergencies. Of course, we will continue to offer many other favorite committees, including the ICC, the ICJ, and the UN Security Council.


NHSMUN 2022 will offer a wealth of dynamic and exciting committees, and we cannot wait to share more with our delegates. For more information on these and other committees, please see the full listing on our committees page. Additional information, including background guides and preparation resources, will become available in October!

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