Students Show Incredible Growth at Inaugural IMUNA Summer Program

I know I’m repeating this, but I’m serious–this program and these people I’ve met have exceeded my expectations from day one. It was so hard to leave.

The results are in! The inaugural IMUNA Summer Program, held from July 22-28, 2018, was a huge success among participants, scoring a 100% satisfaction rating among teachers and students and an average rating of 9.8 / 10.

When we surveyed the summer events being offered by other conferences, we saw that many of them featured bloated classrooms with huge instructor-student ratios. For our inaugural year, we set out to create a small, intimate environment where our expert instructors could develop personalized growth plans for each student. For that reason, we capped our registration at 40 students who hailed from 7 countries, representing schools with some of the top-ranked programs around the world. The small size allowed us to create classrooms with an instructor-student ratio of less than 6:1, giving each student extensive opportunities to meet and bond with their mentors.

What a difference a small classroom makes! “I learned SO MUCH during the camp. It was literally amazing.” Every day, students had their horizons tested and expanded with lessons spanning every aspect of Model UN. One student summarized the academic experience by saying, “Every lesson was engaging and helpful, opening my eyes to new and useful information.” Through dynamic, interactive lessons and activities, students became experts across the varied skills that MUN demands.

Of course, a MUN program without great social activities would be a waste! After a long day of learning, students got the chance to unwind with unique group activities that brought them closer together. “It was so much fun and everyone was sweet and you also get to know and become close with so many people,” reported one student. The social program also offered students the chance to develop strong international friendships that will last long beyond the program. As one student told us, “Through befriending participants from around the world, we were able to forge bonds with students sharing a common passion for global issues.”

Through a thrilling week, students gained valuable skills that they will be able to use at the conferences they attend and share with other students in their programs. Every participant surveyed said that he or she would be very likely to recommend the program to a friend. One student summarized it by saying: “It was the best summer camp I’ve ever been to. I really hope you do it for the many years to come.”

With the strong foundation of success built up this summer, IMUNA is looking forward to expanding our training programs for both students and teachers next summer and beyond. We hope that you will consider joining us for one of these programs and experience the difference that an IMUNA program makes!

One-on-One Lesson

Enjoying the UN

Pause for Photo

Group Lesson

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