Such Impressive Assistant Director Applicants!

Such Impressive Assistant Director Applicants!

We are preparing for NHSMUN in full force! One of our current projects is the selection of our newest class of Assistant Directors. The Assistant Directors, both substantive and administrative, play an integral role in our conference. They prepare alongside our Directors in a rigorous 8 month training program, so that when our students arrive in March, they are working with the greatest experts on the Model UN circuit!

We received a record number of applications for our 2017 Assistant Director class: nearly 500 applicants from over 30 countries and 70 schools! We are excitedly reading and reviewing the applications in anticipation of expanding the amazing NHSMUN family through our competitive interview process. Our applicants are impressively qualified: the average candidate has participated in over 15 MUN conferences!

Next month, our Senior Staff and Directors will convene in New York City for our annual Summer Staff Meeting, for a week of comprehensive workshops and training sessions. NHSMUN 2017 committees are shaping up to be some of the most engaging and interactive in NHSMUN’s history, and we get more and more excited every day that we prepare for your arrival! Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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