NHSMUN 2017 Senior Staff

Hello NHSMUN friends and followers! We are excited to share that we have officially hired and onboarded our extraordinarily talented senior staff members, including NHSMUN 2017’s Conference Director, Chiefs of Staff, Directors of Security, Chiefs of External Relations, and Under-Secretaries-General of the Administrative and Substantive Organs. After several weeks of reading a record-breaking number of applications, conducting interviews and collaborating with our volunteer Board of Directors, we were able to assemble the finest team imaginable for what we are certain will be the best NHSMUN yet!

Over the next couple of months, the senior staff will be working on shaping the logistical workings of our conference operations, as well as conducting hiring of Directors and Assistant Directors. The Directors and Assistant Directors are not only crucial to the substantive facilitation of debate and committee simulation, but these esteemed volunteers are also the future leaders of our conference!

We can’t wait to share many exciting NHSMUN updates with you throughout the year, and most importantly, to welcome you to the conference in March!

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