NHSMUN Staff: Best in Class

NHSMUN Staff: Best in Class

As the largest Model UN conference in the world, NHSMUN certainly does not sacrifice quality for quantity. Due to our large size, NHSMUN is able to offer a wide range of committees, unique topics, several guest speaker programs, embassy visits, and a dedicated, well-trained staff, all of which distinguish NHSMUN from other MUN conferences around the globe. Over the next few weeks, we are excited to highlight the various unique program offerings that not only make us a one-of-a-kind conference, but more importantly, an educational experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

NHSMUN prides itself on its driven, all-volunteer staff, comprised of university-level students and recent graduates, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring the conference’s quality and success. Our well-rounded, international staff attends some of the most renowned colleges and universities in the world, studying anything from International Relations and Governmental Affairs to Computer Science and Microbiology. Through a multi-year commitment to NHSMUN, our staff members regularly communicate with each other as they develop topics, write extensive background guides, search for influential, pertinent speakers, and secure mission briefings. Being part of the NHSMUN staff is no small task, and our staff exemplifies hardworking individuals who hold a passion for teaching international issues and educating on behalf of a not-for-profit organization.

NHSMUN has also provided many of our staff members with the communication, research, writing, and professional skills needed to accomplish other impressive endeavors in their individual career paths. Some of our alumni have gone on to receive Fulbright Scholarships, win Nobel Peace Prizes, or work as representatives of the United Nations, just to name a few. It is an honor for NHSMUN to be led by such talented individuals, and it provides an invaluable learning experience for delegates and staff alike.

Most of our staff members, at one point in their lives, attended NHSMUN as delegates themselves, and they have continued to compete at the highest caliber for their respective university’s MUN team. This unique aspect of our conference is vital to the overall success of NHSMUN: our staff is able to truly engage with our students to create an immersive, welcoming, and meaningful conference experience. Staff members serve as resources to delegates, offering advice on research, public speaking, and other debate skills, as well as mentoring those delegates who aspire to be conference staff members themselves one day.

We truly believe that our staff is the best in the world, and we pride ourselves on hiring the very finest Model UN experts out there. Each year, we hold a staff interest meeting so that delegates can learn more about this incredible opportunity. We encourage all interested students to join us!


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