Selecting and Training the Best Directors

Every year, significant time and effort is put into the process of hiring our Directors. Our Committee Directors are not only responsible for running our committees and educating our delegates, but also for writing our world-class background guides, guiding delegates prior to the conference through e-mail and social media, and mentoring our Assistant Directors. Our Administrative Directors are responsible for executing all conference logistics, ranging from supplying working papers and resolutions to preparing credentials and conference materials. Our Directors form the backbone of the conference, and hiring the best and the brightest from our applicant pool is a top priority for our conference’s Senior Staff.

Recently, our Senior Staff hired 56 exceptional Directors for both our substantive and administrative teams. Keeping in the tradition of a worldwide NHSMUN staff, our Directors hail from all across the globe and have attended some of the finest universities. All of them are looking forward to bringing their unique perspectives to the conference. After several weeks of application review, interviews, and intense deliberation, the best of our applicant pool were assigned their committees and administrative positions and will hit the ground running to select topics and begin our intensive training program, as well as the rigorous Background Guide writing process.

We look forward to sharing more NHSMUN updates with you throughout the year.

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